Why many people cough more after quitting

“I’m glad I came across this video. I was wondering why, and even worried, why I hardly coughed after I quit smoking. I used to cough ALL the time throughout the day and even cough up mucus. to go from that to not coughing at all with hardly no mucus kinda alarmed me actually lol! …thank you for the video. I’ve been watching them for about 2 hours now, about to fall asleep. helped me not think of wanting a smoke . I love your videos joel. thank you!”

Glad you like the videos. As a smoker it is sometimes hard to know when you are getting a cold at first for as you experienced, coughing is part of your normal life. Now when you start to get a cough you will know something is off. Speaking of which, check out the video “Getting colds and flu after quitting” https://youtu.be/A5WsGA5XnYY. It can prep you for a problem that may occur when you eventually do catch a cold or flu.


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