Quitting may be easy, maybe not.

I never give the impression when I talked about my programs that people who come to me will have an easy time quitting. In fact, if you look at my pages that describe the clinic I have talked about the fact that quitting may not be easy.

Here is how I describe it on my single session seminar:

We will show you how to overcome the withdrawal
and then be able to stay off in one “Easy Lesson.”*

*Attending the lesson will be easy. Quitting smoking, on the other hand, may be easy or may be difficult. It is impossible to predict what quitting will be like for any individual. While it may be harder for some smokers to stop than for others, it is possible for all. Cigarette smoking is a powerful form of nicotine addiction. If you treat nicotine addiction like any other drug addiction, you will control it. If you treat it like a bad habit, you will ultimately fail. Our program will teach you about addiction and how to treat it. Follow our advice and in two weeks you will be rid of nicotine and then be free to choose whether or not you wish to remain permanently off all nicotine products.

In my promotional piece for full six-day clinics I wrote:

We are not the program for everyone. If you think you can quit anytime you want, do not call us. If you are offended that we put you in the same category as alcoholics, heroin junkies, or cocaine addicts, do not call us. If you want an easy, painless method that requires no effort or responsibility on your part, do not call us. But if you are sick and tired of smoking, and you really want to quit-give us a call.

I don’t think quitting cold turkey is the easiest way to quit. It is just that quitting cold turkey is the most successful way to quit.

People who quit cold turkey may have an easy time and no withdrawal. People who quit cold turkey may experience intense withdrawal. No matter how much a person who is quitting has his or her mind made up and no matter how dedicated he or she is to quitting, his or her body may have other plans, meaning the person may experience withdrawals.

But as long as the person keeps his or her resolved strong and reinforced he or she can ride out the withdrawal period, especially considering that the withdrawal will peak within a few days and ease off immensely after that point. I feel it necessary to point out that people who are afraid of suffering physical pain actually have absolutely no business smoking, considering the pain and suffering that smoking can cause if a person gets any disease caused by smoking will make the discomfort felt during withdrawal feel like child’s play in comparison. The risks of smokers getting some smoking induced disease somewhere in their lifetime is high. Half of people who smoke are going to end up dying from smoking. Very few of the other half escape the ravages of smoking either. While smoking may not be the problem that ends up killing them, there is a good chance that they have experienced other diseases and conditions that may have caused great periods of suffering and may even have crippled them.

So again, quitting cold turkey may not be easy but it is the method that is likely going to succeed. Every one of our members have proven to themselves that quitting cold turkey for three days was doable. Some had an easy time of it, some had a hard time of it, but they all found that it is possible. Most of our long-term quitters will attest now that staying off is relatively easy. Meaning people who are off for many months and years are not experience chronic pains or constant desires for cigarettes. They may have occasional tough moments but these times are likely the exception to the norm and not the rule.

While I can’t guarantee that getting off cigarettes will be easy I can guarantee learning the method to stay off is really easy. It is no harder than simply remembering that to stay smoke free you must never take another puff!


Note: This was written when I was still doing live programs. The same concepts now apply to the free support and resources I am providing online now.


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