“But smoking is the only vice I have left

While many people know that smoking is bad for your health, most underestimate just how dangerous smoking is. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. This video discusses just how many people actually die from smoking every year.

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Consequences of smoking playlist
12. Consequences of Smoking

I often hear the comment that smoking is the “only” vice a person has left, like this somehow legitimizes smoking. “After all, I don’t do this and I don’t do that, all I do is smoke.”

If any person fully understands what the ramifications of smoking are he or she will quickly realize the foolishness of such a statement.. The fact is that smoking is responsible for more deaths than probably all of the vices that people are referring to when making such comments combined.

Below is a chart from 2006 showing the risks of dying from smoking compared to the risk of dying from other common problems. Many of these problems are caused from behaviors that are considered by some to be vices. Again, look at the numbers. If smoking is your only vice understand something. Your ONLY vice is destroying your health and if not dealt with will likely cause your premature death. The solution to your problem is not finding other vices either, it is simply getting rid of this one deadly addiction by sticking to your commitment to never take another puff!


Death by Smoking

Although the below chart was compiled primarily using 2006 United States, data, your nation’s overall death category percentages may be fairly similar.

Cause of Death

How to Prevent These Deaths

2006 Deaths

AIDS condoms, education, research 12,113
Asthma no prevention, only treatment 3,613
Auto Accidents seatbelts, airbags, highway safety, training 45,316
Bike Accidents reflectors, lights, helmets and training 714
Breast Cancer mammography and medical research 41,210
Diabetes medical research 72,449
Drowning life jackets, swimming lessons, supervision 3,579
Influenza treatment, vaccines 849
Falls awareness, safety harnesses and helmets 20,823
Fires & Burns alarms, extinguishers, education and planning 3,109
Gun Accidents deprive children of access and hunter training 642
Hepatitis vaccine (A&B) and clean needles & testing (C) 7,250
Illegal/Legal Drugs motivation, education and support 24,400
Leukemia research, exercise, diet, and no tobacco 21,944
Lightening stay indoors and wear rubber shoes 57
Liver Disease sound diet, max. 2 oz. of alcohol, research 27,555
Meningitis vaccinations 634
Murder police, courts, prisons, awareness 18,573
Poisoning secure cleaning fluids, poisons and pills 27,531
Prostate Cancer testing, exercise, diet, research 28,372
Shark Attacks awareness, education 1
Skin Cancer limit sun exposure, use screening products 8,441
Snake Bites awareness, boots, vaccines 5
Suicide counseling, medication and love 33,300
Syphilis abstinence, condoms, education 36
Tuberculosis treatment, vaccine, education 652
Ulcers avoid tobacco, alcohol and caffeine 3,323