How to quit smoking

Videos related to each tip mentioned in this video

Cold turkey quitting
Carrying Cigarettes
One day at a time
If you quit smoking with a lousy attitude…
Be proud that you quit smoking
Avoiding situations where you used to smoke
Why I recommend cranberry juice when first quitting smoking
Blood sugar symptoms
Make a list of why you want to quit
Weight control concerns after quitting smoking
Incorporating exercise after quitting
Resources explaining interaction between nicotine and stress
Are you a nicotine junkie?
“I want one!”
Money wasted on cigarettes
Crutches to quit smoking
Smoking triggers
Telling others that you have quit smoking
Going to places where you can’t smoke when first quitting smoking
Good reasons to take puff on a cigarette after having quit smoking
Quitting is more doable than most people think
Never take another puff